October 12, 2008

The Taste of the QingYan Historical Town

QingYan has many unique and well-known local specialties. The ginger-flavored candy on the left is one of mom’s favorites. QingYan’s history of making rice wine is more than 100 years. The type made from black sweet rice is most famous and beloved by the locals. One can either enjoy it’s pure form or the ones added with flower extras. After tasting all of them, I am especially in favor of the ones with aroma from Osmanthus fragrans or rose.

I especially enjoy the hot chili sauce made with chicken, spicy and yet flavorful. On the left shows how the chili souce is made of.

Rose-flavored lotus pordge with steamed rice cake. One the right is the big iron pot to steam the rice cake. The hot water can be used to make the lotus pordge.

The flavor of the deep-fried stinky tofu can be smelled miles away. Fight for the delicous stinky tofu with my cousin.

The speciality of GuiYang local food is spicy and yet flavorful. As what Chris said, other kids grow up by drinking milk, but kids from my hometown grow up in hot chili tank and drinking hot chili source. Look at the stinky tofu, covered in chili source.

青岩特色凉拌米豆腐。 竹筒糯米饭。

The braised pig feet in QingYan is extremely tasty. Got to eat it with hands.


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