October 12, 2008

Don't Ever Think About Driving in India

Yes. Don't even think about it. Driving in India is risky, absolutely nutes! Period!

The traffic rules are barely a suggestion. The driver basically can pick either lane, or neither of them, to move the vehicle forward or backward, depending on the mood. The supreme sense of space and outrageous courage allowed my driver to zie-zag through the traffic but left me holding my breath at the back seat. Driving in India to a degree is similar to racing a go-cart when gaining the thrills replaces maintaining the safety for the top priority for the driver. However, as far as a passenger is concerned, the apparent mad behavior may either cause a heart attack sooner or later, or numb the six senses eventually.

Honk the horn is very frequently used and seems to be very necessary too. The driver puts his thumbs on the horn whenever there is a need either to wake up the cows napping in the middle of the road, or to alarm the playful monkeys on the side of the road of the upcoming traffic, or whenever feeling pissed off by the failure of the other drives to conform the traffic rules, or to send a friendly reminder of the drivers ahead that lights are turning green, or when simply feeling itchy on the fingers.

What if there is a car or a motor-cycle blocking the road? No problems. Firstly, without a blink of eyes, honk the horn long and loud enough till the ears are all deaf. If the driver ahead dares not to withdraw from the action, then while keeping the horn screaming madly, simply speed up and threaten to rack the rear bump of the front vehicle. The second alternative is so effective that I have still yet to see any driver does not yield to the threat immediately afterwards.

Check out some of the intersting tranportation tools they have.

In addition, Indian people are not only good at computer programming, but also exceling at maximizing the usage of a single transportating tool.

It's also very common to share the main road with a herd of cows, running dogs, or whatever other type of animals that enjoy taking a walk on the high way.

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