October 13, 2008

Valuable Lessons Learnt in IDC (1)

Lesson #1 – Eat Indian food with ONLY right hand.

It’s not the wimpy American way of eating chips and salsa, where one takes a piece of the Indian bread on the left hand, use a fork by the right hand to place a small scoop of chicken curry on top of the bread, and then put the combination of bread and curry into the mouth.

It’s the hard core Indian way of diving your fingers in the curry, mixing the source and rice, tearing a small piece of bread and rolling it up with some curry and sending it to the mouth. It sounds like a process which actually is for beginners. For those with intermediate and above experience, it shoud be a no brainer to eat rice with source with fingers. Thomas said that was my performance goal for the next visit to IDC.

Don’t worry about messing up the fingers with the food. In the end, you can give your fingers a good swimming in a little bowl holding some water with lime.

Look at them. I bet they have never paid this much attention to my PRD as reading the menu.

BTW, since I have had so many zero-calorie lunches, it was my turn to return the favor and take them out for a nice lunch. We went to this fancy restaurant in Delhi with the deco of a boat. The food is delicous. The price has definitely kept the restaurant empty.

Only those over-paid-and-under-delivered development managers in IDC can afford having lunches at a place like this often.

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