October 12, 2008

Enjoy the Little Bits that Life Has to Offer



Yesterday was a crazy busy day, especially for a sunny Saturday. Cleaned up my home inside-out, finally finished the way-over-due touch-up paint, hung the pictures up in my homeoffice, grocery shopping, income tax,...Did not go to bed till almost mid-night. Then realized that I haven't touched one single page of the analyst reports printed out for this weekend. Damn! Today, I got to focus and get some serious stuff done.

So, I got up early and did my work-out. Came back home made myself some light and yet tasty lunch and some cofffee.

Life can be good as along as we enjoy what it has to offer, a nice piano piece, a tasty lunch, a good cup of coffee, and of course the urgency to get the project done at work.

The spinich orange salard - baby spinich, fresh orange, thin-sliced red onions, cubed cucumber, non-fat green tea yogurt as the dressiing, a bit of black pepper, sault, dill leafs. Simple, tasty, elegant, low-calories, high-fiber. Just perfect!

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