October 27, 2008

Roasted Spicy Spare Rib

This has been another typical crazy week for Chris and me, traveling for business, staying up for the entire night feeling anxious of the presentation...It's the time to relax and figure out something simple, tasty and help loosing a bit of weight gained from the business travel and vacation.


roasted spare rib

It's a rather easy dish to make. Get five different veggies. I personally prefer carrots, onion, eggplant, asparagus; Chris loves potato with meat. Slice and dice the veggies and put them on the baking plate.

先将五种蔬菜切丝和切片 - 洋葱,红萝卜,茄子,芦笋,土豆。混合一下。均匀铺在烤盘上。

First steam the spare rib without any source for about 20 min. To make the source you need to understand the secret ingredients in Ancient Chinese cuisine - soy source, sesame oil, oyster source, BBQ rib source, garlic powder, etc.

为了省时间,我先将排骨不加任何作料蒸了20分钟。然后用水冲干净,就可以上佐料了。佐料嘛, 无外乎酱油,麻油,耗油,排骨酱,蒜末,各种香料,糖,盐,鸡精,胡椒之类。就象洪七公的秘宗拳,五花八门,妙哉其中.


Brush the source on the rib and the veggie. Roast at 350F for about 20-25 min. All set!

配好佐料,在排骨上刷一层。再在蔬菜上刷一层。推进烤箱。350F, 20-25分钟。搞定。

Chris and I discovered this beer called "Big Sky IPA" at the Grand Canyon and totally loved it.

我和CHRIS去大峡谷时发现的啤酒。很好喝。如果喜欢PALE ALE,强烈推荐。

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  1. 看起来就好吃哦,好想吃你做的美味啊。。。