October 12, 2008

成都武候伺 ChengDu Wu Hou Memorial Temple

Wu Hou Memorial Temple was was build in the honor of Zhu GeLiang, the famous military and political strategist of the Shu State in the Three Kongdoms period (221 - 589). The name of temple comes from the fact, that Zhu GeLiang,was conferred with the title of WuXiang Hou - the duke of QuXiang). The temple was first build in the sixth century. It was adjacent to the ZhaoYi Temple, the memorial temple of Liu Bei, emperor of the Shu Han state. In early Ming Dynasty both temples were integrated into one.

WuHou Si is a nice quite place with a lot of trees and flowers. In the beautiful garden you find a teahouse and a show of bonsai-trees.

Zhu GeLiang great personality, his dedicated service to others, and his outstanding intelligence place him above all emperors, generals, and ministers in history. A visit to the temple illuminates his status with the Chinese people. Yes, and when you learn Chinese at any university in China you’ll read some of the legends, which have developed around this famous person.The stone statue on the right is the famous black-face-ZhangFei. He is brave, courageous, warm-blooded and not as political as the other two brothers, my most favorite among the three.

留得残荷听雨声。It’s tranquil with beautiful gardens, lakes and buildings from Chinese traditional architecture. I have always liked this line from Hong Lou Meng.

At time of our visit, there was a show for natural stones in the Memorial. The one on the right is quite expensive, in $10,000 range.

Outside of the temple, there are a few small streets with shops on both sides, selling mostly traditional Chinese goodies. Interesting even to us Chinese people.

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