October 12, 2008

Mysterious Stonehenge

Stonehenge was produced by a culture with no written language, and at great historical remove from the first cultures that did leave written records. Many aspects of Stonehenge remain subject to debate. This multiplicity of theories, some of them very colourful, is often called the "mystery of Stonehenge."

Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument located in UK. One of the most famous prehistoric sites in the world, Stonehenge is composed of earthworks surrounding a circular setting of large standing stones. Archaeologists believe that the standing stones were erected around 2200 BC and the surrounding circular earth bank and ditch, which constitute the earliest phase of the monument, have been dated to about 3100 BC.

Mysterious Marsha at Stonehenge.

Without knowing the history of the Stonehenge, it's just a bunch of random gigantic stones in the middle of nowhere.

It's a monumental of more than 5000 years old, and more...

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