October 19, 2008

The River Side Walk at Zion

I liked Zion so much, and I decide to go back there to spend one more day.

river side walkriver side walk

After seeing the pictures of the narrows at the Visitor's center, could not wait to go to the Narrows. And, the gateway to the Narrows is this 2-mile easy and yet scenic hike called "river side walk".

river side walkriver side walk

The paved trail follows the Virgin River from Temple of Sinawava up to the mouth of the Narrows, under hanging gardens, past pools, brooklets and towering cliffs.

river side walk

At the end of the River Side Walk, a visitor must deal with some extremely cold water to get to the Narrow. The water is cold. I mean it's so cold that 10 seconds into it, not only just my feet, my brain start to freeze. However, if one can survive the torture, one will be generously rewarded by the view of the Narrow.

Narrow at Zion

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1 comment:

  1. Amazing photograph--the waters are like flowing clouds of mist. Dreamy, Mystical, Magical. You are a real artist with a camera.