October 12, 2008

Hiking at Big Basin

Big Basin is supposed to offer the stunning views from the hiking trails. The lengthy winy drive is a pain, but worth it, marginally.

The long journey (about 10-12miles) starts from the Skyline Trail, then Berry Creek Trail and then back to the Headquarter via Sunset trail.

Big Basin actually offers plenty of well-managed campground. The little log theater for campers.

Redwood trees! More redwood trees!

Copie-cat effect. I knew that's exactly what Chris would say when he sees this. It's a complete remake of one of his pictures.

Keep going, going and going....No ends in sights.

Only the sounds of the creeks.

Finally, arrived at the Berry Creek Waterfall.

Debating - take the Skyline Trail the same way back or take the Berry Creek Trail, another 7 miles back?

The choice of not going the same route back rewarded me with another two waterfalls.

Another one.

Another 5.3 miles to the headquarter.

The trail head of the Sunset Trail, not covered by redwood trees, offers different view.

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