October 12, 2008

The Ma Jia word of the week!

No doubt that Marsha is a screw ball! She is always up to tricks, jostling something here or there, letting ants run amok in the kitchen, and sometimes running haphazardly into shower doors. I asked her this past weekend what kind of Shenanigans she was up to for which I was greated with her usual pouty mischevious glare, followed by her saying "I am not a shenanigan!" This called for the usual let's get the English straight conversation.

Shenanigans - According to Wikipedia, A shenanigan is a deceitful confidence trick, or mischief causing discomfort or annoyance. The term is usually used in the plural, shenanigans. However, in some regions, shenanigans can merely refer to harmless mischievous play, especially by children.

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