October 12, 2008

Visiting a Local Market with Grandpa

One of my most favorite times during my childhood is to get up early in the morning and visit a local farmers market with my grandpa, watching the farmers putting out the flowers, playing with the little cats and dogs sold as pets, touching the gold fish in the fish tank...So we went to the local market again today, just like many years ago.


On the left - all sorts of gold fish. On the right - different types of fruit-flavored tea.

Hand-made bird-cages and bags of walnuts.

Taking a picture of the happy Buddha. The brush in my hand is not for painting the wall, but for Chinese calligraphy. Pretty huge brush, isn't it?

Look at the profound Chinese culture - many exquisite decoration and jewelries made of jade and bamboo.

按摩拖鞋. Massage slipper.

Then, we went to a small street cafe for lunch. This place is famous for the GuiYang country-man style/flavored dishes that cannot be found elsewhere. Look at the size of the container for the rice!

Rows of hot chili source for soft tofu. And, the three-color buckwheat rice.


老妈蒸肉。爆炒筒蒿菜. Those dishes taste sooooooo good that it's impossible to put down the chop sticks.

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