October 12, 2008

Tower of London (1)

One of London's most famous landmarks, the historic Tower houses the Crown Jewels and served as the prisons for many including the "Bloody Marry".

Located on the bank of Themes and next to the Tower Bridge. Many ay have mistaken it as London Bridge which is a mere modern bridge clogged with traffic.

Here is where the Crown Jewel resides. The guide at Tower of London is rather entertaining, mixing the stories of the history of the tower and jokes of how their queens and kings sending each other to be beheaded.

The tour book said that the key to visit the Tower is to beat the crowds. So I went there just before the Tower opens up for visitors. It turns out to be a good decision to beat the crowds.

Normaly, this place is awefully crowded with turists from all over the world. Since it's the early morning that most of them haven't arrived yet, the place is kind of quiet and neat.

The Tower actually offers a great view of the Tower Bridge.

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