October 12, 2008

To Give Before To Receive

One common mistake a person often makes in a relationship is to assume the other person will take on the role with multiple heads after the relationship becomes stable and comfortable. We wish this person can make up what has been lacking since our childhood. The bottom line is everybody is in a relationship for him or herself. "What's in it for me" seems to be an ultimate question to answer. Unfortunately, this way of thinking often leads to the frustrations, damaged feelings and enlarged distances between partners.

The life journey contains endless life trails. It takes a strong bond between the two to survive and prosperate. The bond is built not only on the love but also, if not more, on the empathy between the two. The one mean to the bond is the unconditional love, the willingness to let the well-beings of the partner take precedence on our own.

Any game or manipulation, however innocent it may be perceived in our own mind, is hurtful and damaging.

In a word, to give before to receive, a painful but valuable lesson to learn.

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