October 12, 2008

ChengDu Street Eats

ChengDu is wehttp://www.blogger.com/post-edit.g?blogID=393016757384666992&postID=2526506257421327884ll-known for it’s specialty street food, delicious, unique and yet very affordable. My aunt took me out to have the spicy hot pot. Afterwards, we had this delicious sweet rice puding, called 叶儿粑, on the street.

This is what $10 will get you in a nice restaurant in downtown ChengDu. 72 small dishes in total - Unbelieverable, isn’t it?! The picture on the left is the crazy spicy hot pot, so called 麻辣烫

What colorful steamed rice bums! Two secret ingredients to most of the Chinese desert - red beans and sweat rice!

Whole wheat noodle made right on the spot!

That year is the year of Pig. I noticed those cute little colorful pig-candies on the street.

Spicy Beef & Spicy Rabbit. Everything of course got to be spicy. This is one of the major characters of Sichuan Dishes. Unless the dishes can make your lips numb, the chef would feel totally failed of the tradition of Sichuan cuisine.

Spicy eel and Spicy Fish.

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