October 12, 2008

The Man Stereotype

It puzzles me how Chris can manage to sing Christmas songs, make funny faces, eat breakfast, tease me and do whatever in his computer, AT THE SAME TIME. Obviously I cannot. I have to focus on what I am doing at that moment. Then, his explanation is that the coconut head is unidirectional, and working with a bunch of engineers makes me a total zero-one circuit.

I wonder whether there really are some differences between how women and men function.

In my mind, men generally function like a parallel circuit – the mind, heart and body runs their own course. No interference and unnecessary dependencies.

Men’s inherent insensitivity often either shields them from recognizing a problem most of the time or lends them a convenient escape from facing the problem.

In addition, men are naturally born hunters, aggressive, competitive and possessive. The idea of sharing common experience and emotions does not appeal to their so-called male ego. So, they usually don’t talk to each other at the personal level. It’s not because they don’t have the need, it’s because they are scared to death to expose their own weakness to other male hunters. That’s why sometimes the stress from a demanding job, the frustration in the relationship, the gains or losses from the stock market greatly increases their desire to have sex. Why? Sex serves as relieving avenue for the repressed feeling, be it stress or happiness.

As of women, we function like a serial circuit – if any one component is burnt out, the whole thing does not work at all. Not just that part of our body surrounding the specific item. It’s the entire us – mind plus heart plus body. Our life is a recipe, then any one ingredient being bad will spoil the entire pot.

However, the insensitive-styleless-animal-like-men-stereotype described above of course is not even remotely applicable to Goose. To put it this way – Goose is different. He is the one who picked out the burgundy blinds and the red candle setting to match with the décor of the living room, who keeps complaining about the sheet not being soft enough (Marsha rolling eye balls on this one), who appreciates the presentation of fruit cut nicely in bite-size pieces and arranged on a plate. Whereas most men I know could not handle the challenges of picking up the appropriate shirt and pants for work, Goose is gifted. His sense of fashion goes beyond just shirt and pants. Are you kidding me? The shirt, pants, shoes and belts all must be well-chosen and color-coordinated.

Thankfully, he does not have any Barbara Streisand or Julie Garland records; otherwise, I would be really worried, just like his sister used to.

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