October 13, 2008

Real Vacation Finally Here

Travel is fun, by all means. In most people's mind, a travel destination is meant to be explored. So, we tend to jam way too many activities into the vacation just to maximize the experience with a foreign land. Call it a concentrated fun, as you may,travel is exciting and yet a bit tiring.

The excitement of visiting interesting places, experiencing a different culture, venturing into a local hang-outs for a drink and a bite of local delicacy gets old, after a couple of weeks of living out of a suitcase. So, when the daily routines such as sleeping in my own bed, drinking a cup of morning coffee from my favorite mug, feeling the soft throw on my shoulder becomes ever more inviting, I knew it's the time to go back to the safety nest - the place called "home".

And, the real vacation starts after the suitcase is unpacked, the accumulated laundry is taken care of, and when the heart and the body are screaming for relax.

So, today is the day when the real vacation happens.

7:00AM Got up and made a fresh pot of coffee
7:30AM Drank coffee; checked my emails at work; sent an e-card to Goose which he has never received because of HP's troublesome email server
8:00AM Running unavoidable errands
9:00AM Officially started the real vacation
10:00AM Took a long hike at Coyote Regional Park
2:00PM Lunched at my aunt's place; the specially made-to-order GuiYang spicy rice noodle soup
3::00PM Watched a Chinese movie while gossiping with my aunt
5:30PM Took a big fat nap
7:00PM Almost could not wake up in time for dinner
7:00PM Dinner with my aunt's family
8:00PM With my cousin, walked Sammy and Maggie(my cousin's little dogs)
8:30PM Played MaJiang game and won $10
11:00PM Back home in bed

What a wonderful relaxing day!

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