October 12, 2008

Sanmarhand in Bangalore

Today is my first day in the office, so Ashok, my development manager wanted to treat me with really tasty and authentic Indian food. In his mind that all the Indian food in the Bay Area is C-R-A-P. He also suggested me to forget about the stupid calorie counting mechanism I have for this week; Let's have a life. Funny that he did not want me to forget about the PRD sign-off for his features. Damn!

The drink menu is actually posted on a bottle. Interesting design!

Ashok highly recommended the spicy lamb soup, and tried to make sure I can handle a certain amount of heat/spice in food before ordering it. He did not know I grow up in spicy sources. :) The soup is very flavorful and did not taste very spicy initially, but after a few minutes, it actually got a kick out of me.

The exotic-looking waiter and his bbq chicken skewer. Thomas said India food is basically 3 calories per INR. Since this is Ashok and team's treat, I did not pay anything. Therefore the total calories count of this lunch is ZERO.

Southern Indian locals are customed to eat with the right hand. Although I attempted to ask for some tools for eating, but Ashok said No ruthlessly. So, I tried for the first time in my life to eat with hand, except that I only noticed half way through the lunch that I had been using both hands in eating, which is a major no-no in India culture. Oh, well. :) Eating with only right hand is a skill that I still yet to acquire.

After eating the lunch, my fingers definitely need a major bath.

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