October 12, 2008

My New Home 2

There may be a positive correlation between how much I miss my home in China and how further away I am from my family. The further away, the more homesick I get.

It takes some courage and work to accept the fact that mom and dad are on the other side of globe, when I go to work, it’s the time for mom to go to bed. Visiting parents during holidays is no longer a routine but a luxury. So, sometimes, I become anxious to find a cure for my homesick, either it is to have some not-so-authentic Chinese food in the China town, or munching on Chinese snacks while watching Chinese movie, or decorating my place in a traditional Chinese style.

In my dad’s mind, my place is always hopelessly messy and to-be-organized. I showed mom and dad my place through webcam one day.

Mom (anxiously):” Well, you got so many rooms. How you guys are going to keep it clean?”
Dad (indifferently):”Hey, why you worry about them so much? Fortunately, you are not going to stay with them.”
Mom (did not get my dad’s tease):”No problem. Don’t worry. When your dad and I go to the US, we’ll help you clean the place up.”

Mom is always the nicest to me.

My bedroom

I have two small bedrooms upstairs, one becomes the home office, the other one become the laundry room.

I decorated the bathroom with pictures I took in China. And, some nice details of the table runner - Chinese handwriting.

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