October 12, 2008

Why a Coconut-Head?

The answer of this question must be traced back to the annoying and goofy Chris.

One of my coworkers told me that he calls his wife “coconut”, cute, sweet and lovely. As soon as I told Chris about the story, I ended up being called "a coconut-head". Guess that shows how much he loves me, strong, solid and tasty.

That's only a start. There has been much worse coming since then!

Once evening at the check-out counter at Trader Joe's, something like "Hey, Super-Stink, you want to check out this cool bike jersey?" popped out in the mid of the air. “Am I hearing this right? Is it from Chris?” I could not believe my ear. So, I asked: “Chris, are you talking to me?” “Yes, Super-Stink!” Chris responded without lifting his eyes from a few jersey’s on his cell phone screen.

Afterwards, all I had to do was to get the hell out of there as soon as I could, without looking at the faces of the casher and other people around me.

The Coconut Head says: Chris is 6 feet tall, whereas I am only a little over 5 feet. So when he talks to me, it does sound like it's from the middle of the air. :)

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