October 14, 2008

Hidden Canyon Trail at Zion National Park

The Hidden Canyon trail starts from the Weeping Rock. The first 1-mile is kind of similar to the Angle's Landing trail because it's pretty much a one-way steep trail winding all the way up to the observation point.

The observation point offers gorgerous views of Big Bend, Angels Landing, Cathedral Mountain and the Organ on the return is impressive.

Then, soon the hike became really interesting. The trail becomes rather narrow and steep, the chains attached to the wall help the hikers pass through the dangerous parts.

The clincher for most hikers is the dizzying drop-off on one side.

This trail is the ultimate test of true courage between Chris and me. While I was having loads of fun passing along the narrows, the macho Absolute Goose did not seem to be that macho that day. :) Somebody just wanted to get out there as soon as possible. He,he, he...

The mouth of the Hidden Canyon.

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