October 12, 2008

The Palace of Versailles

Versailles, once the splendid residence of the French kings, is now chief town of the département of Yvelines.

The sumptuous main apartments are on the fist floor of the vast chateau complex. It is one of the palace's grandest interiors.

Every corner of the Palace is richly decorated with colored marbles, stone, sculptures.

Passing through the rich interior of this colossal palace started to help me understand why it was the glory of the Sun King's reign.

The Palace of Versailles offers the opportunity to steep yourself in a moment of history by passing through the status of kings and various arts.

The King's dinning table and jewelry box. Not surprisingly, the Kings jewelry box is about the half of the size of my closet.

Each room offers magnificent views, the ceiling, the decor, the history passing through the finger tips...

The famous Hall of Mirrors used to hold great state occasions, stretching 233 ft (70 meters).

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