October 12, 2008

ZhouZhuang - the No. 1 watertown in China (1)

年初去了陈逸飞笔下纯朴自然的水乡- 周庄。三步一景,五步一画. Zhouzhuang, one of the most famous water townships in China, situated in Kunshan City which is only 50 kilometers (25 miles) south of Shanghai.

It is noted for its profound cultural background, the well preserved ancient residential houses, the elegant watery views and the strong local colored traditions and customs.

A world-known Chinese painter, Chen Yifei, has helped give the small town of Zhouzhuang the name "Oriental Venice" via his oil paintings because of its houses of white walls and black tiles perched on a winding river bank.

Have partied in the bars and night clubs in Shanghai a couple days, I found the town a perfect escape from the hustles-and-bustles of the city life and a return to the nature and truth.

Zhouzhuang is surrounded and divided by lakes and rivers, 14 stone bridges cross the rivers, showing distinctive views of the water-town.

In this little town, every step brings you a fantastic view.

Walking around in the little town makes me feel like living in a painting.

Zhouzhuang has about 1000 households who are living in the old dwelling quarters.

More than 60% of the houses built in the Ming and Qing dynasties and the early Republic of China as well are well preserved.

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