April 16, 2011

Hiking the Yellow Mountain with Mom

Oh, well, even from the title of this post, you would guess this trip is a bit of modest adventure mixed with many comedy moments between the mom and the daughter. Huangshan was formed approximately 100 million years ago, and is famouns for its scenery, sunsets, peculiarly-shaped granite peaks and clouds. 本章节叫作 - 王老太婆同马二妞黄山历险记。光看这名字,你就知道这属于搞笑片这类。


别看我家王老太婆60好几,还非常的象个小孩 - 不信邪!叫她不要同我爬高上低,她还偏不听。非常难得搞定。有其母必有其女吧。看她的样子,神气吧!




唉,一想起同我家王老太婆一起旅游的好玩劲,就开始想她了。常常听别人讲,做母亲的对子女是无私的。 我没有这个体检,但我能够感觉到这个世界上如果有一个人能够为我在任何条件,任何时间下,做任何事的人只有我家王老太婆。 更想她了,赶紧给她打个电话吧。

Loud, Volcanic, Bombastic Rock Band?!

Never thought I could be a fan of a rock band.

I mean, come on, there is enough headache in a day as is, why the hell one would desire for more from those loud, obnoxious and nerve-wracking rock bands? And, mashing up the guitar, shouting at the audiences plus the long-hair with tight jeans are never my style anyway. :)

However, to my great surprise, I love this band - Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and their interpretation of classical music mixed with beautiful Broadway-style vocals. Fascinating music for those who love classical orchestra and symphonies with some modern rock-n-roll touch.

I started with "Beethovan's Last Night", volcanic, bombastic but widely varied. Stunning vocal indeed!

Then bought another one, "Night Castle", haunting and hallowing. I cannot help feel my heart pounding by listening to "Moonlight and Madness", Beethovan's Moonlight Sonata movement III with rock-n-roll touch.

Kuan-Zhai Alley in ChengDu

The famous Kuan-Zhai Alley in Chengdu, which literally means the wide and narrow lanes, is a well-preserved old architectural structures that have been implanted with modern decoration, trendy restaurants, eat-outs in a bustling Chengdu city.

Back at where I live, there is nothing but a culture-deprived desert in the busy, sleepless and yet lonely, boring silicon valley. Well, there is only so much hype that can be generated by the next coolest software and iPad 2. :)

Back home, I find myself tolerate well with the quiet and yet busy life style as is. Well, if you are given lemons, might as well make them into lemonade. All that depressed desire only makes me much easily surrender with the rich culture and the mysteries of old China, lifestyle or its architecture.

Every so often, my friends and I find temporary escape to the very limited number of trendy bars and nice restaurants around here. But, things get old very fast unfortunately. All that disappointment and unsatisfied desire for a more colorful life only make the remedy found in my trips back to China ever more effective and fascinating.

Street performance! Cute!

Vacationing at Home

Exhausted...Felt a bit better after a long run in the morning followed by a nap on the couch.

Drinking beer, organizing all those pictures taken back in China, blogging my goofy thoughts, with Transberian Orchastra playing at the background...

Last week, I lost an expensive ear ring in my bedroom. Rohit, Dara and I teared down the entire room but found nothing except a book I thought I have lost long time ago - Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom.

Well, with my usual attitude of "making the best out of the situation", I picked up the book from where I left off 3 or 4 months ago. I liked it, quite thought-provoking and it even made me teared-up in the end.

A couple of quotes from the book -
"God and the decision he renders is correct,
God doesn't punish anyone out of the blue,
God knows what he is doing..."

"The secret of happiness - Be satisfied, be grateful, for what you have. For the love you receive. And for what God has given you. "

April 07, 2011

What Am I thinking?!

I was waiting to meet one of my friends for drinks afterwork today. Browsing through facebook postings, I noticed that one of my friends did some silly "brain test". The test is supposed to decode what one is thinking at that very moment.

Without anything better to do, I took the test. I seriously could not believe the result. Twice in a row, I got the same answer asbelow. And....they are kind of.....ACCURATE!!! :)

To translate the picture in English -

The vain little girl looking full-of-herself in the picture was thinking -
1) Forever young (big time!!!)
2) This year I look 18 again. (Of course...always....)
3) Be skinny, great body
4) Have a twin with a boy and a girl each (Not sure about this one.... :) )