October 12, 2008

Only in London - Funny Trivils

The telephone booth and the hideous-looking toys running around are the symbols of London. It normally takes at least 3-year-of-study to become a Taxi driver in London. I personally find that it's impossible to follow the map and street name there. It's much easier to follow the street sign and the major landmark.

Only in London, the emotionless horse guard and the funny-looking soldier can be seen side by side.

The horse parade is on regardless of the weather, or the Queen's mood.

I cannot help thinking what a terrible job that is to be the Queen's guard-on-display! Every single turiot coming to London wants to have a picture with them. Regardless how actually pissed they are with the tourist, they have to appear motionless. BTW, how can they see anything with the way they wear the hat.

It was Winston Churchill's face in the middle of that clock.

This little pub at the City of London is Charles Dickens's usual hang-out. They said he used to have a drink right at the bar next to the fireplace.

Never trust the weather in London! Every morning before I left the hotel room, I checked the weather via the Internet and then double-checked the weather on the board posted by the hotel. So I ended up wearing a hat, a scarf, and a leather jacket on a sunny bright day; sitting in a hop-on and hop-off tour bus while it was drizzling outside. No wonder those British people talking abou weather all the time. What else they can do with such an unpredictable weather?!

Only in London, the streem lamp post wears a crown.

British people are pretty serious about their royal family, as they talk about them ALL the time. However, unfortunately, the treasures from the Queen's state deparment has to take secondary to the march of guards in terms of turiost' interests.

In California, one may receive an expensive ticket for jay-walk. However, in London, Jay-walk is absolutely OK. I personally find the street sign is very handy to help facilitate rhe jay-walk. It helps those who are used to watch out traffic coming from the right side, or those who are used to watch out traffice at neither direction.

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