October 12, 2008

How Rumors are Started - Peter's Fairwell Party

One day Peter woke up and accidently got hit on his head by a rock, then decided to pack up and go back home to China. So, we decided to have a farewell party for him. Anyway, that’s just one of the better excuses we had managed to find to have fun ourselves.

As the honored guest, Peter was asked to share with us one of his funny stories. Of course, he is as usual wishy-washy about it. But, his girlfriend disclosed a secret to us.

Celeste:” Peter wore a tight SHIRT on our first date.”
Rohit:” Oh, really? I thought you said Peter wore a tight SHORTs on his first date.”
Dara:” Hey, Marsha, let me tell you something. Peter wore a tight SHORTS on his first date.”
Marsha: “Hey, Chris, I would like to tell you something funny. Peter likes to wear tight SHORT when going on date with girls. “
Rohit (staring at Peter):”Hey, man, I did not know you have such an interesting habit!”
Peter: “@!*&^?!?! What the heck is going on at this table?”
Dara and Marsha:” ha, ha, ha….We love gossiping.”

Sitting with Rohit in the Redroack café after church and doing my blog.
Marsha:”Rohit, do you think Peter would mind us so openly make fun of him on my blog?”
Rohit:”Who cares?! He is going to be in China.”
Marsha:”What if he is mad that he does not want to see you when you go to China.”
Rohit::Hmm….That can be a little problematic.”

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