September 17, 2010

Wine and Cheese Tasting at Fairview Winery at Paarl

Fairview is a third generation, family owned wine and cheese farm, on the south-west-facing slopes of Paarl Mountain. It is best-known for its huge selection of goat cheese of various flavors and full-range world-class wines.

Fairview Wine and Cheese estate is one of the most visited attractions in the Cape winelands. There is also a cute mid-sized restaurant on the farm, which is housed in a converted wine cellar.

Wineries often offer specialty food paired with their own wines. Fairview is also not an exception.

The smoked trout wrap with resin is surprisingly good and totally exceeded my expectation. The wrap is slightly crispy, and the salty flavor of the smoked trout blends harmoniously with the sweetness from the resin and the creamy goat cheese produced at the farm.

Take a bite of the wrap, paired with a ripe local tangerine and avocado. It's heavenly

Shopped for some delicous jams, bread and goat cheeses. This is another day in South Africa I could not help wondering what a wonderful place with all those great wines, cheese and food. :)

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