September 06, 2010

Garden Route Day 1 - Route 62

从莫塞尔港(Mossel Bay)到斯托姆河(Storms River)连续255公里的一级海滨公路被称为花园大道,也是南非最著名的风景之一。花园大道与湖泊、山脉、黄金海滩、悬崖峭壁和茂密原始森林丛生的海岸线平行.
South Africa’s Garden Route and Eastern Cape are often considered to be amongst the most beautiful places in the world. Fantastic beaches, stunning landscapes, unique wildlife and fun-packed adventure are all on offer in this beautiful region of South Africa.

So, I booked this 4-day-and-3-night tour and got ready to set out for this road trip that is supposed to filled with adventures, beautiful scenaries, great food and a lot more...

The trip started from Cape Town and will take us through the famous Route 62 during the first day. The road follows winding and spectacular mountain passes that slowly unfold before our excited eyes.

Then there is the abundance of indigenous flora, orchards, vineyards and incredible views of the mountains. My photos don't do any justices to the scenaries. :)

The first day of drive reminds me the scenaries of desert of Arizona.

The drive through Route 62 is rated as one of the coolest road trips in the world, and also the world's longest wine route.

Below is one of the symboles of Route 62. At least that was what the tour guide told us.

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