September 19, 2010

Seeking Entertainment or Pleasure?

Finally, against my wish of not chasing the fads, I picked up the book, East, Love and Pray, from a book store at the V&A Waterfront at Cape Town. I am flying back home tomorrow and need some time-killer for the 30 plus long hours on the flight.

A surprisingly interesting read! Among all the opinions and concepts mentioned in the book, one I particularly applaud about is the idea of seeking pleasure rather than entertainment.

The book talks how Americans, compared to European, are so entertainment-seeking, watching TV shows, riding roller-coasters and screaming along the ride, clubbing, drinking, people-watching at a trendy bar, eating a gourmet meal at a high-end restaurant...., You name it, we have it somewhere in the States.

However, are we really having the pleasure from seeking all those entertainment activities? Do those fun activities really deliver us the much-needed rest and relaxation for our mind and body? Do we feel even more exhausted after a night of being entertained?

Gilled linfish with poached egg.

Having a nice and quiet breakfast at the 19th floor of Westins overseeing the ocean and the lively waterfront is something that offers the true pleasure on my last a couple of days at the South Africa.

BTW, my favorite plate - smoked salmon and tuna paired with 2 different types of brie with slightly different texture.

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