September 24, 2010

Garden Route Day 2 - A Close-up with Ostriches

After being fed with the Ostrich steak, not sure it's that delicious to my personal taste, we definitely feel obliged to pay those big birds a visit and build some personal relationships.


Ostrich family.

A mom-Ostriches is nesting her eggs. Apparently, she got annoyed by a bunch of curious tourists like us and walked away, the-farther-the-better type of attitude. That attitude makes me think of my dad, who always said that when mom and I got into our usual mom-daughter-arguments. :)

趋车前往,恰巧一个鸵鸟妈妈在孵蛋。她见到我们来了,一副不开心的模样,一声不吭地走开了。心里一定在想,"哼,这帮讨厌的游客。"她这种走得越远越好的态度,到让我想起我家马老者。每次我和我家王老太婆小吵小闹的时候,我家马老者就是一副敬而远之的态度。到不是觉得我们烦人,就是不须同我们一般见识。 想起他,就觉得好笑。

Freaky Ostriches close-up #1. The tour guide asked us to touch the Ostrich eggs. "My God, it's still warm!"


Freaky Ostriches close-up #2. Then, she asked me to stand on top of those eggs. Theoretically, Ostrich eggs can hold about 150lb without being crushed. In reality, her assurance did very little to reduce my fear of breaking those eggs and destroying the little lives.


Listen to the tour guide to give the Ostrich talk. Why I feel the Ostrich is saying to me:"Hmm...I dare you could ride me today."

Freaky Ostriches close-up #3 - The neck feels warm. It's one thing to ride a cold machinery, like a car, a roller-coaster, an airplane. It's totally another thing, a very freaky thing, to ride something that's warm.

On-boarding and getting comfortable. However dangerous I looked, I was trying to tell myself "Hmm...This is not that bad. :)"

不知道为什么,在那一刻,我脑子里所有想的就是"宝马配金鞍,歪锅配歪灶。"不用说,我也有自知自明,我是后者。哈, 哈。。

I was literally screaming the whole way through the ride. :)


A certificate of life-time achievement for the coconuthead - survived riding an Ostrich.



  1. 很有趣~ 站在鸵鸟蛋上真造虐哦。。。

  2. 写的好有趣, 好在MM苗条, 可以站在鸵鸟蛋上, 如果是我, 后果不堪设想啊 :

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  4. quite jealous... :)