September 07, 2010

Garden Route Day 1 - Lunch at Joubert-Tradauw of R62


The garden route, as the longest wine land road in South Africa, is considered as one of the coolest drives in the world. How can it be cool, if there is no good food along the road? Since it has so many wineries along the road, we might as well lunch at one of them - Joubert-Tradauw of R62 is today's choice for lunch.


Kate, another woman from east coast of the US, and I was not sure what to expect for the lunch. Kate, a Martha-Stewart-alike, is a super-gourmet cook who once hosted a "white" and a "purple" theme of dinners with 6 to 8 courses paired with great wines.

Steve, our tour guide, must have had tons of pressure building in them as the lunch hour was approaching. "What type of place could satisfy those two picky women?"

As soon as we walked in the front yard of the restaurant/vineyard, we instantly were attracted to its cute, unique and unpretentious decoration style.

The place not only offers wines but also produces all sorts of fresh fruits. The lunch served in this restaurant is a typical "farm-style" food in South Africa, no elegant touch of presentation, no imported and expensive ingredients, but simple, non-pretentious tastes from the most fresh locally produced veggies, fruits, cheeses and meats.

The lunch included roasted beets, yellow peaches, white peaches, potatoes, and Rosemary roasted chickens. It was simply wonderful and spoiling our tasting buds. I have to admit that many flavors from this big plate I haven't tasted in the US or anywhere else before.


During the entire lunch, we could not stop raving about it and thanking Steve, our tour guide, for taking us to such a special place. By the end of the lunch, we have pretty much fallen in love with the little place.

The happy chef who is holding a Rosemary roasted chicken hot from the oven. She also baked some pumpkin bread and olive bread to go with freshly home-made apple cot jam. Delicious!

One the right, it's the chicken curry with roasted apple cot on top. Again, simply out-of-the-world-delicious.

Let's try a "strategic bite" of pumpkin bread, apple cot jam with roasted yellow peach.

This is the type of place I feel I can sit around for ages to enjoy a cup of cappuccino, or a glass of nicely chilled Chardonnay and a sunny afternoon.

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