September 30, 2010

V&A Waterfront

One of Cape Town's biggest tourist attractions, the Waterfront evokes images of the early activities of the harbour and a modern city. Much of its charm lies in the fact that this busy commercial harbour is set in the midst of a huge entertainment venue with pubs, restaurants, specialty shops, craft markets, theatres and movies.
如果在南非开普敦想要漫无目的的闲逛,V&A港口是个好去处,豪华的酒店,各色餐馆酒廊,顶级的购物环境,应有尽有。远处是南非开普敦5星级的CAPE GRACE。惬意极了。

The lego man at the V&A waterfront harbor.

If you draw a line between San Francisco and anywhere in the world, Cape Town literally is the furthest city from the bay area.


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