September 19, 2010

Garden Route Day 2 - Lunch at Highgate Ostrich Farm

After visiting Cheetah, our next stop is the Highgate Ostrich Farm.


Weather of Sep in Cape Town can be iffy, as it's the end of the winter season and the beginning of spring. And, today is overcast, with a few drops of rains here and there. I felt slightly cold and hungry, and not sure how the breakfast this morning ceased to exist so fast. Oh, well, a nice warm glass of port will do good to my body and mind. :)

The lunch venue has a typical farm-setting, simple, unpretended, unpolished and offers unlimited port and wines to warm our body up. And the farm is famous for its grilled Ostrich steak.

Honestly, I did not care much about the Ostrich steak, especially when thinking about the steak is from those giangantic birds. The texture of the ostrich tasted somewhere bewteen chicken and beef, leaning more towards beef.


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