September 08, 2010

Garden Route Day 2 - Dinner at Turban Island Cafe of Knysha

Got to Knysha around 5ish. Still got some time to take a walk around the bay and the water front. Ran into a realy cute cafe, hotel and spa called "Turban Island Cafe".

It was converted from a turban factory that used to manufacture wood and chips. All the tables and lounge charis are surrounded by the turban machinaries. Walking around in the restaurant, I felt like I was on a boat or something. Facinating!

The decoration of the place is unique, classy and very cute. Each table has non-maching chairs.

The wine celler nested among turbon machines. Where can you get this type of decoration?!

My type of restaurant!

Food is excellent. The chef came out and talked to Kate and me. He is cute, a pleasant surprise too. :)

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