June 14, 2009

Visiting a Tibetan Temple


JiuZhaiGou is located a bit south of Tibet and has about 1/3 of Tibetan residents. Where there are Tibetans, there are many Tibetan temples. Almost every Tibetan is religious.

A prayer wheel is of a hollow metal cylinder, often beautifully embossed, mounted on a rod handle and containing a tightly wound scroll printed with a mantra.

Prayer wheels are used primarily by the Buddhists of Tibet and Nepal, where hand-held prayer wheels are carried by pilgrims and other devotees and turned during devotional activities.

According to Tibetan Buddhist belief, spinning a prayer wheel is just as effective as reciting the sacred texts aloud. This belief derives from the Buddhist belief in the power of sound and the formulas to which deities are subject.

藏族寺庙的一大特色是它环绕四周的转经桶。每传一周,就相当于念了一遍经。凡是有参观寺庙的善男信女都会把寺庙的转经桶转上好几遍。 我也就装模作样的转席西是个意思吧。人说”心诚则灵“。



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