June 19, 2009

Delicious YunNan Cross-the-Bridge Rice Noodle Soup


Yunnan's famed Across the Bridge Rice Noodles is known as "Guo-Qiao Mi-Xian" in Chinese.

Legend has it that guoqiao mixian came about when a young scholar retreated to another place to prepare for his imperial examination. His loving wife would travel and cross a nearby bridge to bring him his daily meal. Frequently, his meal would turned cold by the time it gets to him. One day, quite by chance, she discovered a bowl of chicken soup could keep warm with a layer of oil on top. From then on, she would serve the noodles and meat slices with the oil layer soup and the young scholar could enjoy a warm meal every day. When the scholar did well in the examination, he credited his success to his wife's noodles,hence, this dish Across the Bridge Rice Noodles was made known.

The price of the cross-bridge noodle ranges from 9 RMB to 78RMB. Here are all the ingredients for the most expensive one, including chicken, pork, lamb, beef, seafood, mushroom, etc.

Add all the meat and ingredients first. 先把所有的配料放进一大海碗汤里。

Then, add the noodle. A huge bowl of noodle soup enough for at least 3 people to share. Yummy!

有好菜岂能没有冰啤酒?! 来点下酒菜,同我家马老者晕几杯。 又香又辣的卤鸡珍和牛杂。



With 30 years of experience of dealing with tough students, my mom is a talented interrogator. No kidding! Whatever one has in his/her head, my mom can definitely dig it out. Look at her! Must be doing some major brain-wash with Dr. Liu. :)


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  3. 馋!云南菜很好吃的。这米线里什么都放,象冷火锅。 -

  4. The food or beautifully colored, and love the little dishes. Your mom looks happy.