June 13, 2009

Dad Always Has the Great Sense of Humor and A Loving Heart

Dad left us on 05/19, and I miss him.

I miss him, especially during the weekend when we usually talk to each other over the phone, especially at night when I realized that Dad is no longer there for mom and me, especially when I dialed the old home number but only realizing that the number could never reach him again.

I miss him, missing the moment when we poking fun with each other, when we competing with each other on who takes better shots, missing touching his arm and feeling the warmth, missing him telling me all those silly stories about my mom over the phone,...

I wish I had hugged him longer at the GuiYang airport on my way back to the US; I wish I did not have a little fight with him; I wish I could see him one more time, just one more time even in my dream; I wish God could let me know he is doing just fine in heaven....

A little fun story about him. I know he will always live in the heart of my mom and me.

Of all the years, mom and I have always been very close, so close that sometimes my dad displayed his obvious jealous. His usual complain is that "why you always ask for you mom over the phone?!" So, his secrete strategy was to quietly pick up another receiver to overhear the "private" conversation between mom and me. The funny thing is that he could hardly keep quiet on the other side. Nine out of ten times, his "undercover identity" was disclosed by his inability to withhold from interrupting the private conversation.

I know Dad loves mom and me deeply, so deeply that I have no doubt that he could give up anything, include his life, for us without a single hred of hesitation. But, I also know that in his heart that he probably always thought my mom and me are a bit too silly. He often was amazed by how much gossip mom and I could ever do over the phone everyday. My dad has a great sense of humor and always thought "outside of the box" when it comes to creative ideas for mom and me. His unexpected comment can cover a huge horizon of anywhere from being funny, goofy, to being suede, deep. So deep, sometimes, I need my mom's help to truly appreciate his goofy thoughts.

This picture was taken when three of us visiting JiuZhaiGou, SiChun together the last month.


  1. I am so sorry about your Dad, I know my Mom has been gone four years. It gets easier but you will always miss them. The story is great of your Dad.

  2. Even though I never met you and your parents, from your articles before I feel like I know them for long time. Can't believe the news, your father is too young to go! I'm so so sorry for you and your mom, but I know your father is going to a better world now. Hug!


  3. I like to read your blog because I am from the same hometown as you are. It reminds me lots of good food. Through your blog, I always admire you that you have such a funny,loving family. I can not imagine the pain your mom and you are going through now. I will pray for God's comfort on you and your mom. Take care and Hang in there.

  4. 节哀,他在天堂里一定会惦记你们。就当他去了个更好的地方。多陪陪你妈妈吧。

  5. 最爱六月杨梅6/14/09, 11:53 PM

    So sorry to hear this...节哀

  6. MaggieMay_Pei6/14/09, 11:54 PM

    Bless your heart. May your father rest peacefully in heaven. Big hug...

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    very touching