June 12, 2009

Team Up to Cheer for the Tennis Champion

Paul Baty, the vicious tennis player who had recently finished up all his challengers and advanced to the final, is playing today. Of course, all the families, friends, and the most of all, the hard-core fans Paul has enjoyed over the years, had to present at the court, to cheer him up, or to put physiological pressure on the opponents. Yeah! That's the spirit of the loyal fan base.

Moms and dad anxiously watching every single move of the game outside of the court...

Here is how a champion winning each game not only by skills but also by talking to the opponent's mind. I bet this conversation put all his challenger's hope to win to a final stop.

Cheering for the winning.

The little Chenstner, the little monkey, is always there praying for the victory...

A little background information. Paul Chan, another member of the gang was in Taiwan at the time of the game. Paul Chan give Paul Baty the little monkey as a birthday gift. That's how the monkey is named as "Chenstner - another name for Paul Chan".

The very proud family...

Just like what the KongFu Panda said:"It does not matter how many challengers he faces, there is no match for his velocity and viciousness..."

Paul (talking to Paul Chan):"Buddy...You don't know how much fun you have missed...The tennis game, and the pretty girls... "

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  1. Marsha, thanks for posting these photos. It's a great reminder of how much fun we had having you all there. Paul, sure is blessed to have friends like you.