June 01, 2009

Old Town of Lijiang, YunNan (1)

Lijiang, in south China's Yunnan Province, is the only Chinese city listed on UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage list. With a history of 1,300 years, it is generally referred to as the Old Town of Lijiang, home to the ancient Dongba culture and a major scenic area in China.

The beauty of this ancient city also lies its nature and harmony with its surrounding geological environment. The Yulongxueshan Mountain with the altitude of 5596 meters and the 4th generation of glacier relic lies in the place where is 30km away in the northwest of the ancient city.

逦江处处小桥流水。远处可遥望玉龙雪山。The Yuquanshui River includes three mainstreams, which flow towards the west, east and in the middle. The river running into the ancient city includes many branch canals, so the network of rivers mixed with the roads of the five-flowered stones. You can get the beautiful picture that " every house is surrounded by the rivers and bridges".

Walking along the river, I felt as if the time flying back...


  1. Yes, this looks more than heritage. I am so proud of our ancient culture. Thanks for sharing those valuable pics with us.

  2. Thanks for that lovely information! You learn me a lot about culture, history, people & food!