March 21, 2009

Thank You, God, I Am Cool Enough!

最近一直心情比较郁闷,工作又忙得不可开交。我的工作忙,都忙了快三年了,还没有缓过劲来。郁闷!好在我很喜欢我的工作,热情十足。按老爸的说法, 忙,也是自作自受了。 好久没有在家里兴风作浪,折腾一下。今天早上起来,边做瑜珈,边想做点早餐松饼犒劳一下自己吧。



Haven't been in a great mood recently. It is what it is, and I've tried my best. This morning, I woke up and could not help wondering - what if I really feel happier these days than before? Boyfriendless, but happier in a way that I can truly be myself? Gosh! This thought totally made me feel taken aback, big time.

Blair and I went to lunch one day and chatted about the recently challenges each of us had at work and at home.

Marsha:"(Sigh)...You know when I need God to work on some overtime schedule for me, he is taking on vacation on me."
Blair:"What do you mean? You just had a great year at work."
Marsha:"Yeah...Work, friendship, family, everything goes great, but relationship goes to hell. "
With a big and sincere smile on his face, Blair said encouragingly:"Marsha, Hey, you cannot get everything going for you. That's not possible. Whatever challenges God put in front us is to help build our character."
Marsha:"Hmm, makes sense. But, what if I want to tell God, thank you, I think I am really cool enough, please give me a break?!"
(Both laughing out loud)

Blair, my co-worker and friend, is a solid character. I have never seen him showing any signs of frustration and anger even under the most frustrating, stressful and intimidating situation. It has been a blessing to work and joke with him.


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  2. 喜欢你的照片,很小资。

  3. 爱折腾罢了。多谢。我其实也很欣赏你的作品

  4. 松饼片拍的很漂亮,吃松饼喝杯茶,很享受哦!~赞一个!

  5. 玩什么象什么,新玩具在你手里发挥的非常棒。

  6. 1.4的大圈,背景虚化的漂亮。。

  7. 很阳光很温暖的感觉噢~~

  8. 口味一般了!偶尔也会出一些中看不中吃的东西。:)

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  10. 多谢鼓励。这两天真的是需要鼓励的时候。

  11. I'm curious, so please don't take this wrong. Why are all comments written in Chinese? Does this happen automatically or are all these people Chinese? I want to make some comments, but I'm not sure that I will be able to read it later. Please forgive me if this sounds bad. I don't mean anything by it. I just would just like some clarification. I made a comment, at another photo, and instead of it appearing, there was a comment that it wasn't approved, yet. Please advise. Thanks, Marsha!

  12. Don, some of my friends are Chinese, which should be such a big surprise. So, some of the comments were left in Chinese. Please feel free to leave any comments on my blog. I do require my own approval of each comment before publishing it on the blog. :)