March 09, 2009

Henry Coe SP - Vasquez Peak (Gilroy)

My friends sometimes do accidentally get "Marshaed" (aka. get into some mischief, non-serious troubles, semi-disaster, as such). Unintentional action from my side though. But those things do happen from time to time. Bing unfortunately became a victim from a strenuous 12-pus-mile-long hike with steep climbing on Saturday. We went to the Henry Coe park, and believe it or not, made to the Vasquez Peak.

This hike is no joke. Given the amount of work-out I do, I naively thought I could concur this hike no problem. But, within the first 1.5 miles, we climbed about 1500 feet, then I knew I had set up my benchmark too low, way way way too low...

Crossing the scotching grassland, surviving the freezing torrent, ...

Bing:"Holly Molly! When this climbing will stop?". Marsha:"Bing, remember how Israelis wondered in the desert for 40 years because of their complains?! he, he...".

Crossing the creeks in style. I told Bing about all the strenuous facts about this hike, except one little detail which I myself did not notice from the hike description - there are 7 little creeks to cross along the way. Oh, well, it's a different type of hike we have never done before.

15 miles, 3500-feet-elevation (no typos here), 7-creeks, 3-hill later, we all advanced to the level of being super fabulous hikers. For some of them, this is an easy/recovery hike, But for us, we might as well stay in the hot tub for whole day the next day. :) Great fun!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this. Indeed, an experience I will not easily forget, haha! But really, most of the time I was grateful for the hike - I do feel so proud of myself being such a super hardcore hiker, woohoo! well, considering within my mediocre standard, hehe.

  2. You are the most cheerful person I ever met.

  3. looks like it was worth the long walk when you got up there. :-) but...pls don't bring me there - hehe!!!"

  4. The last descend was killer, good streneous hiking group. Raj

  5. Hey, at least you guys look cute doing it. : p heehee

  6. wow!! you guys are too hard-core for me. I can't hang with ya'll.. i'd definitely be on the whining Israelites' side.