March 25, 2009

Rediculous and yet Funny Posters in Yang Shuo


I noticed this unique little store in Yang Shuo specialized in selling those make-no-sense and yet make-all-the-sense-in-the-world posters. It's funny because most of the posters use the pictures/designs from the culture revolution but the modern comments.

"Don't even bother if you are not drop-dead pretty!

"I am not the type of guy who jumps in to bed with any woman!"

Even the Chairman Mao said that I am super-model handsome!"

My quote - As a man, one thing you absolutely must do is to pretend to be cool. Otherwise, you would miss out from this life!"

"Farting is not allowed!"

Non-smoking, non-alcohol, non-woman! What a tragic life!

"Free dinner for a one-night-stand please!

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