January 23, 2009

North Kaibab Trail - A Real Stepping-Fitness Challenge


The North Kaibab Trail is the only maintained trail into the Canyon from the north rim. It takes you 14 miles from its trailhead to its terminus at Bright Angel Campground and the Colorado River. The trail is well maintained and easy to follow throughout its entire length.

The trail is easy to follow because it only has two directions, either going straight up or going straight down.

中国一句古话说得好 - 上山容易,下山难。确实如此。

Like the other rim to river trails the top sections looks easy enough on the way down. Just pray that you are not coming back up this way. After a long day of hiking this trail is a killer of a way to end it. If you think you are so good at stepping machine in the gym, this certainly is not a piece of cake.


The trail is quite pretty, filled with fall colors and lovely trees.


Although it's challenging, it counts as one of my most favorite hikes during the trip.


God, finally, the trail end is not too far away from us.

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