January 01, 2009

2009 New Year Eve Dinner


The 1-week spent with Mary, Chris's auntie and a gourmet cook, during the Christmas, not only increased the readings of my weight but also totally enhanced my desire to serve gourmet food.

Chris often rips us going too far with the food presentation and cooking. Oh well...As long as I am fine with him going nuts with his bikes, he should have nothing to complain about me being slightly more sophisticated than what he preferred on food.

With all the trainings provided by Mary and Cathy (Chris' mom), here below was what I came up with for the New Year Eve dinner.

Some snack before the dinner. Apple and sharp cheddar cheese always go very well together.

Blue cheese, rosemary whole wheat cracker, blue potato chips are our favorite.

Sun-dried tomato pesto for dipping the bread.

Man! So much work to have a dinner table like this! Chris complained the whole way though for taking so many "damn pictures" (in his own words).

Drink - Pomegranate Champaigntini. Salad - Endive Black Berry Salad with Goat Cheese and Diced Apples

Main Course - Roast Duck with Apple and Cranberries

Desert - Apple-topped Ginger Bread


  1. 哇哦!!!真美的食物哦!!!!小马佳,你得把我弄美国你家呆一阵子才行,好馋哦!!!!!



  2. He, he...Chris always says that I am going way over the top for my food.