November 02, 2008

Ungodly Spicy GuiYang BBQ Fish

Chairman Mao said:"Since the Chinese people's life has been greatly improved these days, one should not bother to cook dinner for the guests! Take out is good enough." With this ultimate guidance, Mom is more than happy to foresake the homecooking for the visiting daughter. Below is the spicy fish from the local market. To speaking the truth, it tastes way better than whatever my mom can come up with . :)


Uncle made two dishes for me, deep fried fish and SiChuan spicy chicken. I bet Chris is not dare to even look at the fish. He freaks out if he thinks the fish is staring at him.


老妈做的凉拌厥粉。有时候感觉我妈不是教数学的,是做经济的。算盘打得精得很。本着一切从“简单”出发的方针,又想逢人就夸耀女儿回来了,亲自下厨云云。又要不华时间和精力。于是弄出这么个凉菜来. 难度系数为0。老妈要是乘心要糊弄我和老爸,真的是没商量。

The Spicy BBQ Fish is a current fad in GuiYang. It's ungodly spicy.


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