November 26, 2008

Spicy Curry Rib with Pumpkin, Mango, Barley Seeds

Tomorrow is the Thanksgiving. Finally got a chance to take a break from this hectic life. So, I invited two friends over for lunch and to try out a new recipe - Spicy curry rib with pumpkin, mango and barley seeds

Need two stalks of celery, one medium size carrot, a big mango, a onion, a medium size pumpkin. Plus some Japanese curry. I cooked the barley seed separately with water for about 60 min till it's tender, and then rinse it with water. Put the seeds in a bowl for use later.

Cut carrots in cubes. Microwave the pumpkin for 4 min till it's a bit soft so that it's easier to pill. Then, cut that into cubes too.

I cooked the rib with medium low heat for about 90 min till it's pretty tender with a couple of slice of ginger and a couple of dry chili pepper. Then, I added a notch of coconut cream, carrots and celery. I stir-fried the onion a bit till it's slightly brown before adding it to the stew. Wait for another 20 min on medium high. Then, I added the pumpkin, mango and cooked barley seeds. Add salt and pepper for taste. About 10 more min. It's ready.

It's a little bit spicy and very flavorful. Gossiping over this extremely tasty stew made us feel warm and toasty. It's a great start for a wonderful holiday season.

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