November 27, 2008

2008 Thanksgiving - A Scientific Approach

I still remember how I were running around like chickens with heads cut-off in Safeway the last year. Totally clueless about what I should do for the Thanksgiving dinner. And, to make things even less predictable, our basic attitude was to WING IT. Measuring spoons? You kidding me? We would totally eye-ball it!!! The end result was as good aswhat two clowns would ever whip up in a kitchen – the turkey was flavorful but a little dry, the pumpkin pie tasted like full of short-cuts….

So, this year, I decided that we needed to make up with the randomness of the last Thanksgiving dinner by making this one perfect. And, the only way to accomplish the perfectness is via a scientific approach.

See how I set up my work station? I had my laptop and my food processor side-by-side. Measuring cups were used religiously throughout the entire cooking process.

So, the cooking process was closely monitored. The quality control was tightly watched. I was feeling relaxed and confident of the result. On the dinner table, there are all the traditional stuff, cranberry source, mashed potato, sweet potato with dry cranberry and pecan, and of course, the delicous turkey.

The ultimate task of a Thanksgiving.

Great dinner!

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