November 01, 2008

The Old Bend Downtown

The old downtown Bend is rather small and yet neat, cozy and thriving. The lake at the downtown is great for a afternoon walk with a warm cup of coffee in hand. We went to a little soup and sandwich shop at downtown for lunch for a couple of times.

lake at bendbend oregon

Apparently Bend has had some influence from California, so it does offer a couple of hip and trendy restaurants. The Deschutes Brewery located at the downtown offers a cozy and down-to-the-earth pub atmosphere and great micro-brewed beer. I tried their tasting menu of 8 different beer, they are all yummy and flavorful. Oh, well, there are really tasty beer out there rather than the Bud Lite. The roasted portabella mushroom sandwich with cornbread, with a hint of roasted hazelnut and goat cheese, was out of the world. The sweet and spicy baked mac and cheese, creamy spicy source with a touch of sweetness from cranberries, totally took us for a pleasant surprise. Who would ever think mac and cheese can be such a gourmet?

bend oregon

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