January 01, 2011

Start 2011 with a 10K Race

Mark, Tim, Andrea, Mary and I try to meet weekly on Saturday mornings to run. Once we were supposed to meet at my home early in the morning. I did not even wake up until the gang rang my door bell, because I had too much to drink at a party of the previous night. I went ahead running that day with the gang in spite of a horrible hang-over, but surprisingly outperformed myself.

Then, as a result, Mark and the rest of the gang believed that alcohol, especially Champaign, does help me with running.

It's OK if they sometimes form a wrong impression of me, if they can keep it to themselves. However, it can be a bit problematic when apparently they have no problem of projecting that wrong image of me in font of others.

Like this morning, right there at the starting line of a 10K race, this is how the conversation went with Andrea.
Marsha:"Hmm...I am not sure I would do well in the race. I did not even work out during my trip in China. And, since you guys did not tell me about the race until yesterday at Mark's party, I just did a long run yesterday..."
Andrea:"Didn't you have enough to drink yesterday?! You will do fine."

Anyway, a great way to start a new year with a 10K race with a bunch of funny friends. :)


  1. Nice run, Marsha! And only a touch of champagne this time! :)

  2. Glad you were able to join us on the race. Thanks again for helping with the yummy breakfast. Your a great sous chef;-)