January 29, 2011

A Woman's Worst Nightmare!

So women have many fears, whether it's the fear of the first winkle line showing up, or the fear of hideous bugs, or some totally ridiculous and random stuff. We have fears, no doubt about it! Among all the fears we could possibly have, one of the worst is to show up completely dressed-down while all your girlfriends looking gorgeous and glamorous.

My beautiful girlfriends stopped by today without much advanced notice. In spite of the great conversations and fun we had, I did experience those worst fear tonight, at least for the first 5 min upon their grand entrance. :)

Oh, come on! It's all Jasmin's fault! I got her message that the girls were hanging out tonight while I was heading out to get my nails done this evening, right after a nap after work and a shower.

While they totally looked like movie stars, I was in my jeans and sweatshirt, and no make-up!

Oh well... A moment of truth and being down-to-earth tonight. A great time and nightmare indeed! :)

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