January 08, 2011

Chendu Jinli Street

Dated back to Qin Dynasty, JinLi was in ancient times one of the biggest commercial streets in ChengDu. Nowadays, with many varieties of bars, restaurants, street-eats, stores selling antiques and local crafts, it has become one of the best-known tourist attractions in Chengdu.

It is absolutely one of my personal favorite in Chengdu. Cannot get enough out of it. So much to see and to play with.

Every time I visit ChengDu, it's a must-go place, and it seems that I never get enough out of the interesting stores and many variety of street eats.

Interesting local crafts.

Walking down the street, I felt as if my memory of the childhood got refreshed by the showcased handcrafts, such as clay figurines, paper cuts, sugar candy figurines....

I remember grandpa used to pay about 5 cents to get one of those figures made by melted sugar for me one the way back from the school. Now, my uncle had to pay for 5 Chinese yuan (100 times of price inflation from before) for a small figure so that I could take a silly picture with it.

My youngest uncle and me. He also teases me of being a unsophisticated peasant from the US and feeling curious about everything and anything.

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